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PureBuild Beginners Course

PureBuild Beginners Course

Book on to our HONA PureBuild Beginners Course and find out how HONA is creating a Safer, Stronger and Smarter industry standard.


PureBuild is our builder in a bottle treatment. A flexible and strong gel overlay designed to promote natural nail growth and gel retention.


During this one day course we go in to great depth on HONAs recommended application and removal methods for PureBuild, contraindications, allergies, business tips and so much more.


If you want to expend your skills and offer your clients one of the most popular nail treatments offered in the UK and USA this course is for you.


Duration: 5 hours

Entry Requirements: Gel Polish certificate

Next date: 21st September



PureBuild course with Tier 1 course - £250

PureBuild course with Tier 2 course - £550