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Our Story

Quality. Treatments. Education

Hi. I'm Amy, the creator of Nail Envy, Nail Artist and Educator. 

I've been a DIY nail tech since the age of 4 and a professional nail technician for over 4 years. Doing nail is my creative outlet and has become a passion. After not being able to find a nail technician locally that could do what I wanted I took the plunge whilst on maternity leave for my second Son and booked myself on a training course. I never did go back to "work" and my wonderful clients have kept me busy ever since.

I specialise in natural nail manicures and nail art using the best products and tools. Helping clients grow their own healthy, strong nails is my love.

Over the past couple of years I have found myself turning clients away with many telling me they just couldn't find anywhere else that "does it the way you do it". I started to realise that the quality clients get for their money hugely differs from place to place and that because of poor training some weren't even doing the basics. 

2 years ago I decided to do my Award in Education and Training so that I could enter the training world with the intent to improve the quality of training and create nail techs that people would be delighted to go to. Sadly, COVID took over and plans were put on the back burner. Fast forward 2 years and I have spent months writing and creating courses that I'm really proud of and I know can provide students the information and support they need to succeed. 

No more booking on courses where the content looks like it could have been copy and pasted from google or where the educators just want to take your money and run. We are here for you, before, during and after your training to support you on your new journey.


Amy Holland

Creator, Nail Artist & Educator

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